The Weird and Wonderful Things In My Head

Basically i'll think of something i'd really like to do, or a random thought and post it all here, #Enjoy

What Would Complete my life!


>Spend five days at Hogwarts where I complete magic lessons and live like they do in Harry Potter. >Meet Rihanna,Beyonce,Pixie Lott,Tinie Tempah&Drake! >Date and fingers crossed marry a celebrity.Become a millionaire and share it with everyone I love, but first I’d run through 9 3/4. >Go on Wipeout, Shipwrecked, Big brother&i’m a celebrity get me out of here! >OWN MY OWN PIZZA EXPRESS SO I CAN HAVE UNLIMITED DOUGH BALLS!!!!!


You probably know it’s nearly christmas! i just wanted to make sure everyone knew that 25th december was Christmas, so as of today…

Normal People - 2 Sleeps

Insomniacs - 0 Sleeps

and Narcoleptic people - 17 sleeps

.. but does it really feel like Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all! And to all, full blown AIDS


Invention #1

Someone needs to invent a wallet but whatever you put into it is automatically downloaded to your wallet, then you use the wallet to scan anywhere and if your gift card, leisure card etc. is ‘synced’ then it just scans:D

Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis

—Jack Hackney 

Ultimate Fantasy #1.5 - Tag Extreme

Not really worthy of a new number, but…………

Much like Hide&Seek Extreme but you play tag,exactly same rules but with just two people. You get a 6hour head start and can go ‘anywhere’ posting photos as you go!

Ultimate Fantasy #1 - Hide&Seek Extreme

I would love to just be given like £1000 and take like 50 friends to play a massive game of hide&seek. Each player gets a certain amount on money (take £100 for example)and have 12 hours to go to any place in britain. Then half of the people people from the group (the ‘seekers’) have 48 hours to find them using any public transport and other ways possible. The biggest clue to finding the others (the ‘hiders’) is that every hour the hiders have to post of photo of something where they are on Twitter/Facebook etc. Then the ‘seekers’ have to Google/Work out/Recognise/Ask people etc if they know where they are. The winner is the ‘seeker’ with the most ‘hiders’ found or if a draw the most money left.

Extra Rules

The ‘seekers’ cannot contact any of the ‘Hiders’

You may no extra money (not even for food/drink) you can only use the money provided

Once found the ‘hiders’ have to go to a pre-designated location and wait till everyone is found OR the 48hours expires

You are not required to sleep but if you do, you must use the money to book hotel.

No ‘own transport’ is allowed, must be other people or public.