The Weird and Wonderful Things In My Head

Basically i'll think of something i'd really like to do, or a random thought and post it all here, #Enjoy

If I won a million pounds…..

1 - i would give £5,000 to Cancer Research

2 - I would buy my mum and dad a nice home and made sure they have enough to keep them going

3 - I would buy my self the gadgets i crave. (beats,mac etc.)

4 - Take all my mates on a massive holiday and pay for everything.

5 - By myself a nice car but not too flashy. (BMW 640i or something) 

6 - Have a holiday home in the south of France or the American coast.

7 - ( if i had kids ) Take them to Disney Land,Universal,Sea World etc.

8 - ( if i have a wife ) Take her away for the weekend to Venice or Prague.

9 - Buy a house in the Kent countryside

10 - Keep the rest fro inheritance for my kids.